les parcs de loisirs de Vendée

Leisure activities in Vendée

There’s plenty to do around your La Parée Chalons campsite, because there’s no limit to what you can do in the Vendée.

the puy du fou park near the campsite in Vendée

Le puy du Fou

Water parks near the campsite in Vendée

O’gliss park and Atlantic tobogan are other water parks brimming with surprises to keep you cool during your stay.

water park near the campsite in Vendée
Le Daviaud museum in Vendée

The museums

Museums such as Charles Milcendeau, Daviaud or the Mémorial des Lucs sur Boulogne will satisfy your thirst for culture and knowledge.

Windmills in the Vendée

The mills of the Vendée will tell you the fabulous stories of the past and the current know-how to keep them in operation…

Vendée mills
bubble deco camping Vendée